Ultra Tag (Female)
Senior Tag (Male)

The Set of Eartags consists of a Primary Eartag for one ear and a Secondary Eartag for the other ear of the animal. The Primary and Secondary Tag each consist of a Female Tamper-Proof Plastic Tag and a Male Plastic Tag manufactured by Allflex Europe S.A.

Tag Characteristics
These plastic eartags are made of high quality polyurethane and are flexible and resistant to ultra-violet light. Their colour yellow is made on the base of an organic colorant in accordance with the EU regulation on colorants. The tag shapes have soft round contours thus enabling animal ears to gain easy release if caught in bushes, twines, wire etc.

The tags have on their reverse sides, a visible calendar, stating year and month of production, the mould number and cavity number, within the mould thus enabling traceability to production batches.
The barcode on the eartags is a Code 128 format. Barcode only printed on the male part of the tag.
Tag Security
The ULTRA female tag is fitted with a polyamide head, which prevents re-use of the device once it has been applied. The Ultra is specially designed to reduce loss rates through snagging. The Ultra can be used with any Allflex male tag.

The male flexible stem has a "V" shape enabling perfect rotation of male into female, making both pieces compatible. The male stem tip has a Zamack blue zinc insert, enabling a good perforation of the ear particularly on the thicker ears of older animals. The male stem, whilst being flexible, is strong enough to avoid breakage over the life of the animal.
Tag And Print Quality
We guarantee the laser printing on these tags for at least eight years. During this time we guarantee that the printed characters cannot be tampered with or removed without this attempt being visually evident and that they are resistant to acid, sunlight, moisture etc. The data printed on both tags will be matching and shall be printed on the outside surfaces of both the male and female parts in black.
Tag Suitability
The tags are suitable for use on newborn calves and will not interfere with the animal's well being and is capable of lasting the lifetime of the typical breeding animal.