Grooming & Pet Supplies 2 HOWND SHAMPOOS Hownd Pro Conditioning Shampoo PLAYFUL PUP - This conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated for puppies. With deep cleansing action, the shampoo is ideal to wash away dirt and muck on a puppy’s fur, white being super-senstive to suit more fragile skin. Playful Pup combines a blend of calming lavender and rose essential oils with the fresh scents of lemon-grass and orange which naturally repel fleas and insects. KEEP CALM - This conditioning Shampoo is tailored to reduce shedding, while conditioning and strengthening your dog’s coat. A combination of lavender and patchouli essential oils helps dogs (and their owners) to relax and is perfect for pets that are anxious or stressed. This pH balanced product range also helps to repel insects thanks to a blend of rosemary and cedar wood essential oils, also known for their antibacterial properties. GOT AN ITCH - A conditioning Shampoo that will help relieve a dog’s dry flaky skin, and restore lustre to dull coats of all breeds. This product will penetrate the hair follicles of long coats, while deeply cleansing and de-tangling. For dogs with short coats, simply use less shampoo. Got an Itch protects and moisturises the skin with a pH balanced formula that is super rich in wheat protein and argan oils, as well as rose, orange and bergamot essential oils. YUP YOU STINK - This conditioning Shampoo is a natural grime busting pH balanced formula, ideal for stinky dogs who like to roll in stinky stuff. The shampoo will remove fox poo, cow dung, mud, urine and grime. The range contains antibacterial eucalyptus and cedar wood essential oils and effective odour neutralisers. This product range also helps to repel insects. WHITE AND BRIGHT - Miracle White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated for all coat colours and all breeds. It is a natural alternative to chemically treated whitening and brightening products. Made with botanical extracts, Miracle White & Bright contains ZERO bleaches, chemical dyes or optical brighteners. This wonder product effectively neutralises discolourations and removes staining, the kind way. It is wheat free and Vegan, and of course, Cruelty-Free certified. This leaves white dogs whiter and substantially enhances the natural vibrant coat colours of all breeds. Code Ref No. Description Size PET03500 Playful Pup 5lt PET03505 Playful Pup 250ml Code Ref No. Description Size PET03501 Keep Calm 5lt PET03507 Keep Calm 250ml Code Ref No. Description Size PET03502 Got an Itch 5lt PET03508 Got an Itch 250ml Code Ref No. Description Size PET03504 Bright & White 5lt PET03510 Bright & White 250ml Code Ref No. Description Size PET03503 Yup You Stink 5lt PET03509 Yup You Stink 250ml