3 HOWND SHAMPOOS Hownd Pro Conditioning Shampoo Code Ref No. Description Size PET03506 Golden Oldies 250ml GOLDEN OLDIES - Conditioning Shampoo is specially formulated for our older canine companions. Containing vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, this conditioning shampoo helps lock in moisture and protect a dog’s coat from pollutants, whilst restoring volume and shine to dull ageing coats. Using a combination of orange, coriander and petitgrain essential oils, this product’s formula provides a gentle and deep cleanse. It also relieves dry flaky skin and helps reduce shedding and scratching, common in senior dogs. This pH-balanced formula contains wheat protein, oatmeal, argan oil and aloe vera leaf juice, which together keeps a dog’s skin and coat nourished. Hownd Moisturising Body Mist Code Ref No. Description Size PET03511 Playful Pup 250ml PET03512 Golden Oldies 250ml PET03513 Keep Calm 250ml PET03514 Got an Itch 250ml PET03515 Yup You Stink 250ml Hownd Body Mist can be sprayed onto a puppy’s dry fur after bathing and between washes. Doing so keeps their coat gleaming, refreshed and smelling gorgeous! Just spritz, then brush or rub the mist into your puppy’s fur to release the scent of essential oils. Hownd Cologne Code Ref No. Description Size PET03518 Butch Leather -Boys 250ml PET03519 Peach Bum - Girls 250ml BUTCH LEATHER – for those of you unfamiliar with this must-have cologne for discerning dogs – is inspired by the scent of warm, soft leather and lush woods. Beware, with head notes of vetiver and cedar wood, this unique scent will have packs of girlie tails wagging! PEACH BUM - is the perfume of love created for your beloved pooch. It is a supremely feminine fragrance with heart notes of sweet orange essential oils, jasmine and peach. Code Ref No. Description Pk Size PET03520 Dog Wipes 5 DOG WIPES - Does your dog like to roll in stinky stuff? Ever not wanted to put your pooch back into the car after a monster roll in the park? We’ve created a travel-size pack of emergency antibacterial dog wipes to take wherever you and stinky poochie go! Pack contains 5 jumbo size wipes (30 x 20cm) Yup You Stink Emergency Dog Wipes